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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get in touch with you?

Email me! mcallister.rybak.photo@gmail.com I do not publicly list my phone number because of obvious reasons we all deal with. I would be happy to privately message it to clients who have questions.

What if I do not know how to pose?

That is my job, not yours. When you hire a photographer, it is their job to direct you and have you do repetitive motions allowing for a chance to catch a beautiful moment. It helps if you play in the mirror or if you have been practicing your selfies. If you already are an advanced level self taker, you know it takes many shots and poses to find the ones with that "wow" factor. The more you practice, the easier it is to find those poses.

What should I wear?

Avoid busy patterns. complicated houndstooth or plaids do not always look great. Avoid real tree and logos. These distract from making a timeless photo. However they are great from fashion, print work, and the types of photos used to advertise. So depending on what you decide your style is, this may help direct your outfit choices.

Can I have more than one outfit?

Yes! However, not every session include a full outfit change time allowance. If you do not want a longer session, I suggest accessory changes. Accessories can give an outfit the feeling of a whole new look without eating up the time that a full clothing change would take.

Do you offer a discount?

I do! follow me on instagram @macrybphoto My flash sales, discounts, and free projects are posted there. You can also subscribe to my blog which will also list my openings for these opportunities.

How can I book you?

Email me with a date in mind. Even if it is just so that you can set up a free consultation to go over your wants, needs, and ideas.

Why is the price so high for only so few hours of work?

The misconception about photography is that once the client gets back in their car and goes home, I sit around and email them the photos once I finally get around to it. Not true. When I get home I am uploading, editing, troubleshooting, emailing, accounting, hiring/firing, scheduling, working customer service, updating blogs/social media/websites, designing products, reviewing new vendors, and probably countless other things. For every 1 hour of actual camera use, I spend 6-8 in an office doing all these things. I often wont mention it but that is why it is on this page, because people often try to haggle the prices with me and use this question. I already offer discounts and I am very transparent about the cost of time and things. If you want an invoice break down like mechanic and vets offer, I can do that.

Why can't I get my deposit back?

When you hire me, I clear my schedule for you because I want to do my best work. This means cancling time with my family, taking time off from school, and my patients at the hospital, maybe I hire and assistant for your project and they also have to take time off. If you last minute cancel. We are so far in the negative, we need some money to compensate for that.