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A Lesson On Scheduling

As a crazy individual who thought I was "too busy" to go to school in my early twenties because I was trying my hand at running my own business... Let me tell you, going back to undergraduate in your thirties, is so much worse. Now everyone seems vastly younger than me, and so easily overwhelmed and fragile. For me it was the right decision to wait but now I feel like an outsider again.

It is now my final year and I have applied to a continuing program that will start immediately after my graduation. Last year, I decided to start taking photos again and after getting a good bit of attention, I even started charging and started my business. While the business cover costs of school books and emergencies it is mainly a nice hobby that pays for itself.

I would not be able to afford to go to university if it weren't for my career in medicine as a pharmacy tech. My job pays for me to go back. The catch is I must go full time to work and in order to finish in the amount of time that is reasonable, I have to take full-time classes as well. To make matter more interesting my 4 years of Spanish as a child plus my 2 in highschool do not count so I have to take another language in college but the one I wanted to learn is not offered at my school, so now I am attending 2 institutions. Two jobs, two schools, and trying to balance a social life and my home life is stressful but I have never been happier.

Some advice to those of you who wish to follow this path.


My sister and I. I urge you to make time for your family, skip the holidays and do more meaningful things with your loved ones.

Seriously, get a shared Google calendar with your spouse. Add every appointment, social event, friend date, couples date, photo session, homework assignment, exam, license renewal, gym time, and tax date.

Do not schedule things too close together. Give an hour between items if you live in the city and 2 hours for any other area (suburban or rural) and leave plenty of blank space in each day for sleep, showering, chores, and unforeseeable issues.

I am far from perfect. My office is a disaster, I have about 4 bags that I routinely switch between. I have a toothbrush in my locker and in my car because I often overlook this because I must have my coffee every morning but I have to brush my teeth after. So if I wake up too late, this is happening in a public restroom. Just an example of how I am overdoing it, but surviving.

I support any one who makes the crazy leap in this direction but, this is also the best tool in your arsenal of weapons. Make a schedule and stick to it.

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