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Catching up.

It has been a very long time since I have updated this blog. Originally, I had set 20 minutes aside each week to write about a 3 paragraph blerb on a subject that had been on my mind. I would talk about what was going on in my life. At this point in time we are all being bombarded with virus information. So instead of being another company telling you how I am preparing… I will talk about what has been occupying my time/my mind other than that.

Most of you know, I am also a health care worker full-time and a photographer PRN (as needed.) The stuff I see day in and day out can get a person down. Often times, my patients are friends or loved ones. Recently, my fiancé had the misfortune of becoming a patient of ours at the hospital, due to a trauma injury. He has since recovered enough to go back to work. Then two weeks ago my mother went under the knife herself. She opted for brain surgery to improve her life. Even though I knew it was far scarier for her, I was very worried about my mom. It made being on social media impossible. Working full-time, in school full-time, taking a language at the community college online, and managing clients. It became too much and I decided to put photography and social media on a complete hold.

The nice thing though, is it has given me perspective. I wanted to come back to photography. I missed it. However, social media, especially the more negative… I did not miss at all. In fact, despite what people say about losing clients. Facebook is a great place for my clients to share images and ideas. For me it has been a constant feed of negativity. I find Instagram to be far more positive. Twitter is also just a virtual way of burning people at the steak for petty social crimes. Stories are taken out of context and twisted, even I have been guilty of being caught up in the drama of public shaming. So, soon I will be leaving twitter as well.

For now, I will focus on school (from the distance I am allowed,) work (because my patients come first,) and my loved ones (because love and time is all we have.) In these scarier moments, spend them wisely. Believe me all the stress is starting to wear me down too.

Everything is going to be okay if we be kind to one another. So be kind.

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