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My 1st Engagement Session In 5 Years

One of my co-workers who volunteered for my project was a newly engaged young pharmacist. We worked together and had a lot in common but we hadn't hung out outside of work. Rachel was great about communication. I would urge this in all my clients but I know its not everyone's style. She asked a lot of questions and shared about her and Nathan's interests and tastes. We talked about clothing choices and location thoughts. With this information I was able to drive around Richmond and find some places that I liked and some that they liked.

Can you believe what happened next?

Rachel and Nathan had a great time (as did I but I was already doing something I loved) and their photos attracted a lot of attention. It was a great trade off. Even better, They decided to use me as their wedding photographer! I ended starting my quest (I a m being dramatic I had a person in mind almost immediately) for an assistant. Now I am able to employ one person as a freelancer for extra income. The wedding was beautiful and the best time I had in a long time.


Never photograph a wedding with one photographer. It is impossible to to catch two people from two separate angles without a second shooter.

Every step and session in this experiment to see if I could be a business owner again has been full of exciting and new experiences. I cannot believe this is what I am doing! Sometimes I feel like its not real and I am going to wake up very upset. Turns out I am living my dreams. I hope this blog encourages others to do the same.

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