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I Took A Chance...

I did something crazy. This feels so crazy, exciting, scary, and unfamiliar.

I Told People About Myself

For a school project I chose to be vulnerable and tell my classmates about myself. I revealed a secret of mine to my class and in doing so I exposed my hidden passion/talent of photography. The class was public speaking and I chose to do my subject on myself because I thought using my own photographs would better tell my story.

Going through my archived photographs made me realize I had a bunch of good stuff just aging on a digital shelf. The skills I spent over a decade training and developing were just becoming obsolete and stale. My camera was collecting dust and losing monetary value. I felt like I was hoarding these things for nostalgia. Things needed to change!

I took too instagram and put out a small public plea for those willing to be models. Twelve free projects would help update my portfolio and might even pay for some school books. What was the worst that could happen?

Before I knew it I was overbooked for free shoots! What a start! I set to it and people seemed to really enjoy it. Not every single photoshoot was a hit but everyone got at least one good photo out of it. I actually had to stop booking free shoots and and start having to charge people!

#rvaphotographer #mcallisterrybakphoto

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